About Ron Gennisse


The works created by Dordrecht artist Ron Gennisse (1955) are primarily graphics. His almost abstract-expressionistic graphics are built up out of quick notations that are printed colour by colour in separate printings. It is a relaxed way of working, but not free of obligations. Developments in society, his encounters with refugees in the church, relationships among people, and his impressions from visiting various countries: all are to be found in his work, which in spite of this, has not become bogged down in illustration. He sees his art as a "reaction" to the impressions of life. He interprets these reactions by means of pieces of lithography that in his mind are "mature" only when he can present them as independent artworks. By this, Gennisse means that for him, a work of art is unsatisfactory if it presents a recognisably illustrated theme. Instead, he wants the total composition of lines, shapes and colours to be so aesthetically pleasing in itself that even someone who does not recognise the theme will be able to enjoy the beauty of the artwork. Gennisse graduated from the Grafische School in Utrecht where he had specialised in aesthetics. He is a member of several artists' associations: Dordrecht's Teekengenootschap Pictura, the Dordrecht art foundation known as the VBKD, the Dutch association for professional visual artists known as the BBK, and an association devoted to graphics known as the Vereniging voor Originele Grafiek. His name and works are included in the documentation file for visual artists kept by the Cultural Council of the Province of South Holland. As a graphic artist, Gennisse enjoys a considerable reputation. Last year, he participated in the Province of South Holland's graphics event in The Hague. This spring, he exhibited in a gallery located in the Province of South Holland's provincial government building, also located in The Hague. His work can be obtained on a rental basis from eighteen lending centres for visual art.
Paul Meinders, CV Koers june 2000.

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